Protestors Greet Paul Ryan

No one would say it was a large protest by any means.

But they were a passionate group, passionate about their dislikes of the Romney-Ryan ticket, and support for their candidate Barack Obama.

Retired nurse Judy Alderson worries about what will happen to Planned Parenthood under a Romney presidency and what would happen to a woman's right to choose.

“I don't like abortion. But its one of those situations that's existed since mankind came along. And it's a little like prohibition you can't legislate it away” said Alderson.

Many protestors are worried about their Medicare--not for those currently covered under the health insurance program, but people who are in their early 50s who may not see the benefits they were anticipating.

For those already retired, there is concern about what would happen to pensions under a Romney administration.

“If it hadn't been for Obama, me as a retired auto worker we would have lost our pensions, we would have lost our medical, we would have lost our dental,” says retired UAW worker Charles Cox.

And then there are those who point out the most recent events, Hurricane Sandy and federal relief.

“Hurricane Sandy I think its important to keep in mind a Romney-Ryan budget would also cut disaster relief,” says Pam DuPre with Washoe County's Democratic Party.

Paul Ryan will probably never see the protestors as candidates are brought through another entrance at the Reno Sparks Convention Center. And he won't be staying in Reno long, as after his speech he immediately heads down to Las Vegas.