Projection: Nevada Will Have Additional $44 Million

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CARSON CITY -- Nevada is continuing to experience economic growth, although the recovery is happening slowly, according to information presented at the economic forum.

The goal of the forum is to provide legislators with information on how much the state has to spend. Legislators need to close the budget by early June when the legislative session ends. Information presented Wednesday showed forty-four million additional dollars available for the budget than initially forecast.

Governor Brian Sandoval (R-Nevada) said in a statement: "In keeping with the priorities of my proposed budget, I will propose that the $44 million increase be directed to K-12 education, health and human services, economic development and the rainy day fund."

Democrats could unveil more of their spending plans in the coming days.

Sandoval proposed extending some taxes to fund his budget proposal. He has said he wants to provide more funding for students to learn English as a second language and expand full-day kindergarten.

Sandoval said the improved projection is indicative of economic progress.