Proactive Cooperation, Sharp Eyes Credited With Gun Theft Arrest

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RENO, NV - Monday night shortly after 10, security cameras at this Sportsman's Warehouse on Kietzke Lane recorded two burglars in the act.

What they took, high-powered handguns, set off alarms at local police departments.

"Anytime there's a theft of firearms, large caliber firearms, military grade firearms, it's serious because we don't want them out on the streets," says Reno Police spokesman Tim Broadway.

Fortunately, the next day RPD detectives were already following a lead.

Security at another Sportsman's Warehouse in California had seen a couple acting suspiciously at their store and had circulated their images and a description of their vehicle. That information was shared with other local agencies.

One of the people who saw that alert was an employee at the state's Threat Analysis Center.

"He happened to be up at Cabela's at about 9:30 last night and saw a similar vehicle and similar male and female subject."

It's possible the big sporting goods store just of Interstate 80 was the next planned target.

He called in the sighting and as soon as police arrived, the suspect vehicle fled. A chase was on a speeds that approached 100 miles an hour.

It ended miles up the Truckee Canyon across the state line at the Flouriston Exit after the suspects' car hit a jersey wall, blowing a tire.

Twenty eight year old Keegan Vaughn of Modesto and 26 year old Crystal Rice of Turlock were arrested without further incident.

Twenty handguns, some as large as 50 caliber, were recovered.

Vaughn and Rice are being held in the Nevada County, California jail and a list of charges including grand theft, burglary and resisting a police officer.

Bail was set very high. Vaughn, who was already wanted on unrelated warrants in California is being held on a bond of almost $4 million dollars.

Rice's bail was set at $i.75 million.

Federal charges could be added.

Vaughn who was already wanted