Preventing Overspending on Cyber Monday

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Even at the Summit Mall, there are signs reminding shoppers to go home and log on to their computers. In front of Ann Taylor, a big 40-percent off sign labeled "Cyber Monday" in hot pink.

This is the day retailers are pushing those sales you can only get online.

"Yeah, I almost bought a Southwest Airline flight today because they're giving like $100 off and I don't really intend to fly anywhere... but I almost did," admits Connie Yco, who was shopping at the Summit.

All those Cyber Monday deals could be a disaster for your budget. Arminda Jimenez is used to hearing about that. As the lead counselor at Consumer Credit Counseling Service of Northern Nevada has some tips for people who don't want to overspend when they shop for holiday gifts online - especially on this Cyber Monday.

1. Set a budget
2. Make a shopping list and stick to it
3. Know your credit card limit
4. Wait until AFTER Monday
5. Check different websites

Jimenez says retailers often continue to lower prices on items after Cyber Monday. After all, they know you plan on spending money on holiday gifts and they want some of that before Christmas hits. However, those sales don't have the promotable hype of Cyber Monday, so people can miss them.

About 129 million Americans are expected to participate in Cyber Monday deals, according to the National Retail Federation.