Presidents' Day: How Much Do You Know About Our Presidents?

Mount Rushmore
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RENO, NV - Families likely got to enjoy a three-day holiday this weekend, all thanks to Presidents' Day. Even though the holiday celebrates the birthdays of George Washington and Abraham Lincoln, it honors all our presidents. In celebration of Presidents Day, KOLO 8 hit the streets to see how much people actually know about our forefathers.

When you hear Honest Abe or Old Hickory, it usually rings a bell. While most people have been out of school for a while, American history has been ingrained in students since grade school.

George Washington led us to victory in a war for our independence from Great Britain. Now, you can find him on the dollar bill. Fast forward three centuries; 43 other presidents have also made names for themselves.

Most people could name three out of the four presidents on Mount Rushmore.

"Washington, Lincoln, Jefferson and Madison?" said one Reno native.

From turn-of-the-century groundbreakers, like Teddy Roosevelt being the first president to ride an automobile and a plane, to rule breakers, like Richard Nixon and the Watergate scandal, each had a hand in shaping our nation. No one was more helpful than Alexander Hamilton; at least that's what Groupon, the popular online coupon company, thought, anyway, but it wasn't the only one.

We asked which president is on the dollar bill? The answers ranged from Madison to Jefferson. Only two out of the 13 people interviewed knew the right answer to the trick question. Alexander Hamilton was never president, but Secretary of the Treasury. Groupon honored Hamilton with $10 dollars off local deals

The lesson: don't get your history lessons from promotional deals or your money. Just in case you didn't know, Benjamin Franklin wasn't a president either.