Washoe Prepping for 2014 Elections

RENO, NV - The action at Washoe County Registrar of Voters is decidedly slower than in the final months of a presidential election year.

However, that doesn't mean staff is taking it easy.

Office staff members are and have been taking candidates' applications to run for office.

“This week and next is the judicial candidate filing period. So anyone running for District Court Judge or a Justice of the Peace seat will be coming in to file for office,” says Luanne Cutler, Washoe County Registrar of Voters.

Cutler says there is other housekeeping to be done.

Working with the post office, the staff is trying to connect addresses to voters.

Cards--more than 45,000 of them--have been sent to registered voters' last known addresses.

It asks each voter to provide the correct address.

To date, the office has received about 18,000 responses; those are in the brown boxes--the other cards are undeliverable.

It means the voter will be put on an inactive list and won't receive sample ballots.

“Now an inactive voter, as long as they still live in Washoe County, they can still vote on election day or early voting and update their addresses with us at that time,” says Cutler.

Those change of address cards from the Registrar of Voters Office affect active voter lists in the office.

Those are the lists most sought after by campaigns, as they indicate who is most likely to vote.

They also change party affiliation counts.

As of Tuesday morning, there were approximately 3900 more Republicans registered as active voters than Democrats in Washoe County.

But that count could change daily, depending upon who returns the change of address cards to the elections office.

Local elections offices are also carrying out a Secretary of State directive.

Nevada, along with seven other states, is working to let voters know if they are registered in more than one state.

If you get the card, you'll be asked to cancel any invalid Nevada voter registration in your name, or contact your local elections office.