Preparing For Quakes

RENO, NV - “Headlamps with LEDS are good to have,” says Lincoln Coppock, as he shows us items they have in stock. He's the assistant manager at the Ace Hardware in Sparks.

He's taken us for a tour down some of his store aisles in search of items that will come in very handy when an earthquake strikes, electricity goes out, and water stops coming out of the tap.

“Always a good idea to have flashlights, batteries, water, first aid kits, fire extinguisher,” says Coppock.

Coppock says so far they haven't seen a mad rush for these items even though the quake wasn't that far away.

The reason may be disaster preparation takes a commitment, and is something you can't just think about.

There won't be a first aid kit or natural gas wrench handy at the time of a quake, unless you make it so.

UNR's Seismology Lab's Ken Smith shows us recent video from Napa. Taken by drone, Smith says he'll use it as an educational tool.
The video shows buildings that were vulnerable during the 2005 quake in the area sustained even more damage.

Collapsed chimneys are a real hazard depending upon where they are located on the home.

Even modern buildings can fail and fall on to cars below.

200 people sought medical treatment after the earthquake in Napa, and because it happened early Sunday morning, Smith said it could have been a lot worse.

“You need to talk it out. I mean what are you going to do it you are separated from your family? What are you going to do if you don't have any power for a couple of days, or water you've gotta do somethings , be prepared for that,” says Smith.