Preparing Cars for Winter

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RENO, Nev. - The temperatures are cooling down and it's getting darker a lot sooner, which means winter is almost here. Winter driving can be dangerous, but there are steps drivers Can take to prevent major expenses and breakdowns on the road.

Withing a few weeks, people will start seeing snow. October is the perfect month for motorists to get their cars checked to make sure it's safe and ready before the snow starts to dump.

"Often the cold weather changes the tire pressure so you need to check the tire pressure to save on gas. every vehicle's got tire information on it," Greg Doyle, Greg's Garage Owner, said.

The unpredictable weather in the Truckee Meadows area affects motorists' car batteries the most. Having it checked routinely can save people money and time.

"Usually, a battery will go bad once it changes temperatures. It'll be hot out and all of a sudden the temperature drops and it won't work at all," Doyle said.

Driving is difficult when the road ahead is not visible. The road grime on windshields can be cleared with a good set of wipers and washers.

If coolant levels are low, a 50-50 solution of coolant and water are need to keep antifreeze capabilities.

"When it's really cold out, you want to make sure your cooling system works properly so your heater can stay a nice and hot especially on you windows to defrost it," Doyle said.

Motorists need to prepare for their own safety as well by packing a blanket in the trunk.

"Let's say you're low on gas and you get stuck on the mountains. You're gonna turn your car off, then it's gonna get cold so you're gonna want something warm to bundle you up so always carry something warm and carry a water," Doyle warned.

The best preventative measure is to have your car checked at least once a year.

With the sky-rocketing fuel prices, keeping a car maintained will not only maximize the dollar but also safety. It adds up quickly; Doyle says people can save up to six cents per mile on gas.