Predictions for the New Year

WASHOE VALLEY, Nev. - It's a fresh, new year and with everyone hoping for a good one, we decided to see if we could try to get a sneak peak at what lies ahead.

Terri Jay has been a medium and intuitive messenger for 22 years. She says she doesn't use any cards or crystals. Instead, she says she does most of her business by reading energies.

"I believe I pick up on vibrations and frequencies that other people miss," Jay said.

So here's a look at what she picked up about the new year.

On ever solving our country's financial problems:

"I think they're eventually going to get that figured out. It's gonna be a lot of starting and stopping. There's just so many egos, warring egos."

How will President Obama's second term go?

"I think it's going to be a lot better cause they're not setting him up for failure. It's going to be about what's fair and what's right for the minority."

Just for good measure, we decided to ask some fun questions. Like how will Sarah Johns' year go?

"She's going to have an incredible year. All kinds of wonderful things, and there are going to be some surprises."

Since Chris Larson predicts the weather, we wanted to see what Jay predicted for him.

"He's incredible at what he does and he's just going to be better and better this year."

Jay is also a pet psychic, so I showed her a picture of my sister's dog to see what little Bear had in store during her first year.

"Well her mother needs to not be so permissive with her, because she's so cute she let's her get away with murder."

What about an over-all prediction for the year?

"I am really excited about 2013, because I think it's going to be an incredibly abundant year."

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