Power Outages Over in Reno-Sparks Area

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UPDATE - Most of the sections that were affected by the outage earlier now have restored power, according to NV Energy.

Power has been restored in areas such as Idlewild Drive, downtown Reno, Saint Mary's Hospital, and Lemmon Valley

North of the freeway to Nichols restored power after midnight. The power south of the freeway, between Nichols Blvd. and Glendale Road, are still experiencing an outage. It is unknown when the power will be restored in the area.

The cause of the outages is weather related.


RENO, NV - NV Energy is working to restore power to a section of downtown Reno, near Saint Mary's Hospital.

Officials say the outage began around 8:40 Wednesday night, and more than 500 customers lost power. It's unclear what caused the problem, or when power might be back on.

NV Energy is also working to restore power to customers near Idlewild Drive, as well as near Nichols Blvd. in Sparks. It's unclear when these customers will have their power restored.

A smaller outage was reported in Lemmon Valley, with around 20 customers affected. That outage was caused by a blown fuse. There's no estimate of when power will be restored to those customers.