Deputies Find Body In Back Yard of Spanish Springs Home

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SPARKS, NV - Washoe County Sheriff deputies tell KOLO 8 News Now that they received a call from Fallon Police Tuesday evening, telling them to check a home on Mia Drive in Spanish Springs, and that there might be a dead person inside that home.

Sheriff deputies cordoned off the neighborhood surrounding Mia Drive near Ember Drive as they entered the home. A WCSO spokesman tells us that deputies did find a dead man in the back yard around 6:30pm; however, it's not known how long the man has been dead, or the cause of death.

"We'll leave that to the medical examiner to determine cause of death," Deputy Armando Avina told KOLO 8 News Now.

Deputies continue to search the home, inside and out. They are also canvassing the neighborhood to find possible witnesses.

Deputy Avina says they are interested in speaking with the person who made the 9-1-1 call.

"It's one of those unusual ones as to the totality of the circumstances, and what we foun,d and where that call came from," he said. "It even has us a little bewildered."

Deputy Avina says they'd like to know how the caller knew a body would be found at that home.

Some neighbors were asked to temporarily asked to leave their homes while deputies searched for a reported weapons. So far, none have been found and everyone has been allowed back into their homes.

Neighbors tell KOLO 8 News Now, the man living in the home is very secretive and there are often many people coming in and out of the home.

One neighbor who wants to be identified as 'Tanner' says he was interested in getting to know the man because he had multiple cars in his backyard, and 'Tanner' says he builds them. But 'Tanner' was unable to ever talk to the man.

"It was just a very confusing house," he said "It just didn't go with the flow of what is out here in Spanish Springs. "You know, we're a very tight knit community, but all their movements seemed to be coordinated and very specific in point."

The Washoe County Coroner is at the home, and will be conducting an autopsy to determine how the man died. No word on when that autopsy will be performed.