Porters Sports Goes Out of Business

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TRUCKEE, Calif.-- A North Shore institution is gone for good. Porters Sports has been operating in the Tahoe region since before the Squaw Valley Olympics, but Monday was it's final day in business.

A line of people waited outside Porters Monday morning. The Truckee store was offering deep discounts on it's final day in business.

"You can't pass up a deal like your getting but at the same time you see them kinda crumbling underneath it," said Lon Snegoski, a longtime customer of Porters.

After 63-years of serving Tahoe, the company announced last week it's final store would close its doors.

"The answer to what happened is an awful lot of things happened. There is no one thing you can point to," said John Chapman, a partial owner of Porters.

Chapman says he made a bad business decision in 2006. It left the company without enough capital. The real blow came in 2012 when there was a dispute with a vendor.

"Even though the lawsuits got settled, the relationship got damaged and that really. That was the start of what brought the internet down," said Chapman.

Porters stopped selling Burton, the most popular snowboard brand in the world. Around this same time, mangers quite, owners left, and the three Tahoe stores closed. The once thriving company was now down to just it's Truckee location.

"The last three years have been a gamble, the last three years have been rolling the dice and the business actually loosing money," said Chapman.

If the last three years had been big snow years, Porters might have survived. Ultimately, Chapman says, the writing was on the wall and it was time to shutdown.

In order to clear out their merchandise by the end of Monday, Porters offered discounts up to 80 percent.

The company will file for bankruptcy and possibly open under a different name in the future.