Popular Movies Revive Ancient Sport

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RENO, NV -- "The Hunger Games," "Brave" and "Lord of the Rings" are just some of the movies renewing interest in an ancient sport. One local business can help you channel your inner archer.

It's a business that's been growing since it opened a year ago. Wasting Arrows is seeing an increase in customers thanks to pop culture. For those who want to check it out, you can quickly discover that shooting arrows isn't just for the movies.

"That feeling you get you know it's a great shot and you know it just went in the center of the target," Lystra Pitts, owner of Wasting Arrows, said.

Archery has been around for centuries but has enjoyed a renaissance due to the release of popular movies.

"So many people come here and they're channeling their inner Katniss or they're discovering the heroes and heroines of the movies in themselves as they shoot their bows," Pitts said.

This archery enthusiast and his wife, Deana, wanted to create a place for people to shoot without worrying about weather conditions. One year later, archery is proving to be a sport for everybody.

"You don't have to be the captain of the football team to play archery," he added. "We have a lot of introverted people who are coming here. They're learning how to shoot, they feel like they're a part of a team, they're enjoying a sport and they're getting a feeling I don't think they can get anywhere else."

He says it's a great sport that enhances motor skills that require a lot of focusing. It helps you stay on target both inside and outside of the range.

"I have youth students that come in and their parents have written me letters about how much more focused their child is at school now, so it translates into a lot of different aspects in our lives."

"I'm hooked," beginner Lenny Gilman said. "I guess it's like any other sport that you get involved in you find that you're fairly decent at and you get hooked and it's fairly fun to do."

Wasting Arrows also offers youth programs and all the equipment available to rent starting as low as $5 for a day. It's not an expensive hobby; it can be compared to a night at the movies or bowling.

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