Police: Suspects Used Craigslist to Try to Rob People

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Two people have been arrested and accused of using Craigstlist to try to rob victims.

Reno police say on August 4, a Carson City man replied to an ad on craigslist that listed an iPad for sale. He met up in Reno with the two men who said they were behind the ad, but the man became suspicious and left. The next day, he found out these two men may have been involved in robberies and filed a police report.

On August 5, he saw a similar ad on craigslist, called on it, and discovered that it was the same two people from the previous night. He called Reno police. After setting up a deal with the person behind the ad, Reno Police Department Patrol Division and detectives from the Regional Street Enforcement Team arrested the two in a Reno area store parking lot. The two men later admitted to two different robberies using craigslist.

The suspects arrested are 21-year-old Owen Osazuwa and 19-year-old Justin Omogun.