Police Warn of Car Repair Scam Targeting Senior Citizens

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SOUTH LAKE TAHOE, Calif. -- Police in South Lake Tahoe are warning people, especially senior citizens, about an incident which is at least poor workmanship and at worst a scam.

The scam was brought to their attention when two men approached an 89-year-old in a grocery store parking lot on Johnson Blvd in South Lake Tahoe. The men offered to fix a dent in the senior citizen's car for $80 in cash plus an additional $20 for more work later.

The senior citizen agreed, so the men went to the senior citizen's home. They worked on the car in the garage but also entered the home. The work they completed was poor in quality.

Police suspect the incident may have been a "ruse" to get a look inside the senior citizen's home or even just a scam to get money.

Police describe the men a Hispanic men in their 30's. They were driving a full-sized, white SUV with a rear lift gate in the back.

Police want to warn "citizens of the dangers of allowing strangers into their homes and of getting repair work done by unlicensed and uninsured repairmen." Investigators ask anyone who has a similar encounter to contact Sgt. Shannon Laney at the South Lake Tahoe Police department.