Police Warn Local Businesses of Fraudulent Activity

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SPARKS, NV - The Sparks Police Department is warning local businesses, specifically restaurants, sports bars, bars, liquor stores, and mini-marts, to be on the lookout for fraudulent activity.

The scam consists of an unknown person calling a restaurant and telling them that their power is about to be turned off, according to an official with the Sparks PD.

Officials say these calls were received about two hours before a high period of activity for the business, such as a late lunch rush.

The caller then instructs the person on the line to wire money or purchase a pre-paid credit card to send to a specific location, according to an official with the Sparks PD.

Officials say this type of scam is on the rise, with the scammer targeting restaurants, bars, sports bars, liquor stores, mini-marts and at least one group home.

The public is asked to protect themselves from this scam by contacting NV Energy billing and payments at 834-4444 and verifying the status of the account. People can also notify their local police department of the incident.

Officials would like to public to keep in mind NV Energy does not conduct business in the manner of these attempted frauds.