Police: Truckee House Explosion Caused by Drug Manufacturing

House explosion on Wednesday April 16, 2014
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TRUCKEE, Cal – Truckee police say a house exploded earlier this week after someone was allegedly trying to make hash/honey oil. Truckee police and the Truckee Fire District were called out a report of an explosion on Wednesday at 4:44pm in the Ponderosa Palisades subdivision.

According to police, when officers arrived on scene they found 54 year old Douglas Hall with burns to his face and hands. Hall’s girlfriend and young child were home at the time and the house suffered extensive damage.

During the investigation, police found evidence that the explosion was caused a Butane Honey Oil (BHO) extraction process that went awry. Hall stated he was using Butane to extract THC from marijuana when the fumes ignited at the water heater. A search of the residence revealed over 1,000 empty cans of Butane, a highly flammable chemical solvent used in the manufacturing of Hash or Honey Oil, sometimes also called Butter, Wax, or Dabs because of its yellowish waxy appearance. In addition, officers located finished product with a street value of $1200 to $1500 dollars. They also located several pounds of marijuana that was waiting to be processed.

Hall was arrested for possession of concentrated cannabis, manufacturing controlled substances with chemicals, and felony child endangerment and booked at the Wayne Brown Facility in Nevada City. Hall admitted to manufacturing and selling the Hash Oil to Cannabis Clubs in the San Francisco area. While Hall claimed to have a doctor's recommendation for the possession of marijuana, a recommendation does not cover the chemical manufacturing of controlled substances or the extreme danger Hall placed his young child in during the manufacturing process.