Police Still Investigating Deadly Crash

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Reno, NV - A woman who was struck by an SUV while crossing the street at McCarran Boulevard and Plumas Street has died. This is the seventh pedestrian to die on Reno's roads this year. Reno police have not yet released the woman's name. They're still trying to notify her family members.

"It was worse than I thought. I'm used to seeing injured people, but not like that," says Sheri Barainca, a Reno chiropractor. She and her family were driving through the intersection of McCarran and Plumas around 8:30 Sunday night. Barainca saw a pedestrian lying on the ground, bleeding.

"From her head, her face, her mouth was full of blood," says Barainca. "And from where her shoe was, it looked like she flew probably 40 or 50 yards from where she was hit."
Barainca says there were three men standing around. She turned to the oldest one.

"I said 'What happened?' And he said, 'I just hit this woman.' And he just went, 'Oh my gosh, oh my gosh, what have I done?' And so then they called 911," she says.

The ambulance came and took the woman away, but her injuries were too severe. Reno police say she died at the hospital that night.

"There's been no arrest," says Sgt. Brian Adamson, with the Reno Police Department. "All parties involved have been cooperative. And the investigation is still open. There's a number of things we still need to look at before we make a decision on whether we make an arrest or where the case is going to go."

This is the fourth time this month pedestrians have been hit in our area.

Last Thursday, 34-year-old Ernest Vargas was hit and killed on Sparks Blvd. near Prater Way. The driver took off and was later arrested. That same day, a man was hit while illegally crossing the street at Nichols and McCarran in Sparks. And on Wednesday, two people were using the crosswalk on South Virginia near the Peppermill, when they were hit. Both were hospitalized.

As for this latest incident in Reno, police say alcohol may have played a role.