Police Seek Public Help in SLT killing

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SOUTH LAKE TAHOE, Calif. (KOLO) - It's been more than a week since a gas station attendant was shot and killed inside the USA-Mart in South Lake Tahoe August 6, 2013. Police have followed many leads, but still a killer remains at large.

Police released a blurry surveillance photo of the suspect from just before the murder. It did not reveal too many leads, but now there is a new video showing someone scoping out security cameras, the day before the attack.

There is little sign of that man killed here last week, no crime scene tape or police buzzing around, just a small memorial to the man who died. 27-year-old Manpreet Singh was the only victim in an apparent planned murder.

"Why would somebody just walk in and shoot somebody? That's the scary part, what was the motivation?" asked Trish Hall, a South Lake Tahoe resident.

Detectives with the South Lake Tahoe Police Department have been asking the same questions.

"While there is no concrete suspect identified yet, there are some interesting investigative leads that can turn into that," says Lt. Brian Williams, a detective for the department.

Most interesting is a video released Tuesday by investigators. It was captured outside the gas station 24 hours before the murder, which was Tuesday night, August 6. It shows someone very interested in the security cameras.

"He is not very good at scoping security systems out if he wants to be inconspicuous," said neighbor Jordan Dunn as he watched the video.

Jordan Dunn and Kay Hughes live at Tahoe Retreat, right next to the USA gas station.

"I think it looks odd, and i think it looks suspicious," said Hughes.

"All you can do is lock your doors and stay inside and mind your own business," said Dunn.

It was a camera in the back of the mini mart that caught the witness scoping out the surveillance system.

"We don't have anything concrete to connect it to the shooting. There could well be legitimate reasons for this. It's just as much our responsibility to remove someone from suspicion as it is to identify a perpetrator," said Lt. Williams.

Because South Lake Tahoe PD is dealing with this murder and two others this summer, it is receiving assistance from the El Dorado County Sheriffs Office and District Attorney's Office, as well as the FBI.

The public is urged to call police or Secret Witness if they recognize the man from this surveillance tape. There is currently a $6,000 reward offered for information leading to an arrest of the killer.

This is one of the last patrons to see the clerk before he was murdered.