Police Offer Reminder of Consequences of Street Racing

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RENO, NV - Reno police are looking to remind people of the consequences of street racing in the city.

With evening temperatures staying warm, Reno police have seen what they call a significant increase in citizen complaints of illegal street racing in south Reno. Reno police say they have a no-tolerance policy when it comes to street racing.

Participants in illegal street racing will be cited or arrested, according to police. They could also face fines up to $1000 for the first offense, ordered to perform community service, and have their driver’s license suspended. If you are involved in an accident while illegally street racing, you can face additional charges depending on the circumstances.

According to a recent release from the Nevada Department of Transportation, the Reno, Sparks and Washoe County area has seen a 100% increase in fatal accidents. In the first half of 2014 there have already been 22 citizens killed in accidents versus 11 in the first half of 2013. Washoe County was among eight Nevada counties that have seen an increase in traffic accident fatalities during the first half of 2014.

Citizens are also reminded with school starting soon to slow down, share the road with motorcycles and bicyclists and buckle up.

To report illegal street racing in your area please call the non-emergency line of the Reno Police Dispatch at (775) 334-2677.