Police Formally Identify All Three Killed in Reno/Sparks Shootings

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SPARKS, NV - Police in Reno and Sparks have formally identified all three of the dead involved in Tuesday's shootings in Reno and Sparks as Mark and Debra Constantino and James Anderson.

The events began the morning of September 22, 2015, with a woman going to her home at 2305 Escalera Court in northwest Reno and finding the body of a roommate, 55-year-old James Anderson. He had been shot to death. Another female roommate, 52-year-old Debra Constantino, couldn't be found, so police used cell phone pings to track her and her estranged husbandMark Constantino.

That information led police to the Courtside Garden apartments on 15th Street in Sparks, where the Constantinos' daughter lives. That's near Sparks High School, which went into precautionary code yellow lockdown for several hours.

Police say they faced gunfire when they got to the apartment, and Mark Constantino said he had a hostage and told police to retreat. Nobody was hit during the gunfire, and police say they fired no shots. Early Tuesday afternoon, after several hours of talking with Constantino, police heard gunfire and forced their way into the apartment and found him and his wife dead, both of gunshot wounds. The timeline of all the day's events is still under investigation.

The Constantinos were the focus of a kidnapping and battery investigation regarding domestic violence in August in Reno. They filed for divorce September 10, 2015.

Constantino and his wife have a professional history of dealing with the paranormal, with a website called Spirits Speak, and they have been featured on various cable TV shows.

Crime scene on Escalera Court in NW Reno