Police Identifiy Body Found in Truckee River

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UPDATE 12/14/2012:
Reno Police Department officials confirm the body found in the Truckee River near Rock Park on Wednesday, December 12th is that of William Clark.

Earlier this month, a friend reported Clark fell into the Truckee River near the Sutro Street Bridge while swinging on tree branches.

SPARKS, NV - Police are investigating a body found in the Truckee River near the Rock Blvd. bridge.

The body was found near Rock Park around 1 p.m. by a fisherman. It was apparently lying face down in mud.

Sparks Police Lt. Chad Hawkins says the body appears as if it was not 'placed there' but rather 'drifted in' from high water.

Police are treating it for the moment as a crime scene, though there is no indication of foul play. Hawkins says it is uncertain if this is the man who reportedly jumped into the river upstream several days ago.

The body is described as that of a white male with a beard, dressed in dark jeans, green zip-up sweater and a blue jacket.