Police Believe Recent Robberies May Be Linked

RENO, Nev. Police say they believe one man is responsible for at least 5 convenience store robberies

The latest incident happened Wednesday morning at the 7/11 on McCarran and Kietzke. Police say a man came into the store, pointed a dark colored semi automatic handgun at the clerk and demanded money.

A manager at the 7/11, who spoke on the condition of anonymity, said they only keep a small amount of cash in the register after a certain time of night. She says the suspect also demanded the clerk hand over two packs of Marlboro red.

"It's not uncommon that someone demands more than money, like alcohol or cigarettes," Lt. Mohammad Rafaqat said.

Police say the suspect description from this latest robbery matches the description from four other robberies which happened just a few blocks away at the AM/PM on the 6000 block South Virginia Street.

The man is described as six feet tall, medium build and was wearing a dark grey hooded jacket. In all the robberies the suspect was wearing a ski mask with holes for his eyes and mouth.

"It looked like he stretched out the eyes," the 7/11 manager said.

While police are on the lookout, other convenience stores in the area are taking a second look at their security system.

Mark Miller, owner of local Rainbow Markets says his policy for robberies is standard.

"It's all about safety for the clerks. You just want them to do whatever ensures their safety, give up whatever you need to make it go away," he said.

In addition to standard security cameras, Miller has installed a hidden exit camera to capture faces.

"Most people know where the ceiling camera is hidden, so they come in with their heads down," he said. "But with our camera on the exit, they're putting their head up because they're going to be hitting the door or looking for obstacles. So we get a portrait quality image."

Unfortunately, police have yet to get a good look at the man suspected of robbing 7/11 and AM/PM. But they are hoping the public may have seen something.

Secret Witness is offering an award for information leading to the man's arrest. You can remain anonymous by calling 322-4900