Plumb Lane Reopens with Changes

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RENO, Nev.-- A road construction project that seemed like it would never end, has finally come to a close. A stretch of west plumb lane between McCarran and Ferris finally reopened to traffic last week. It used to be a smaller road, but its been transformed into something that aims to benefit drivers, the community, and residents.

Cars were once again streaming down Plumb Lane this afternoon after 10 months of much needed construction.

"Well first of all it is much safer. The surface was kinda rugged and there was no shoulder kind of," said Sharron Zadra, RTC Board Member.

The road had been in place for years, it was laid long before plumb lane was even part of Reno.

"Before, there was not a sidewalk, there was no gutter, no curb... Just kind of a loose... just broken pavement and gravel," said Lee Gibson, Executive Director of RTC.

Back in July, RTC closed a mile long section of the road and began 6.5 million dollars worth of upgrades.

One of the problems that has always existed in the Plumb Lane area is a lack of sidewalks. Well they have sidewalks now but this project brought more than just extra concrete to the area.

"So individual homeowners still have septic systems in their house and it was the first step in getting the city's sanitary collection system into the neighborhood," said Reno City Councilwoman Jenny Brekhus.

Crews had to run a new sewer main down west plumb lane and connect it into McCarran. they also had to leave behind a way for homeowners to hook into the system.

"It's wonderful to see how they have fixed the road and made some wonderful enhancements to the road," said Sheri Nill, a Plumb Lane resident.

Also added were storm drains, landscape changes, and electronic signs that urge drivers to slow it down.

It's not to say everyone is happy with the changes, when many moved here forty years ago this was a country road. Some say these changes took away some of the appeal of living in the area.