Planning Commission Denies Parcel Change Near University Ridge

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RENO, Nev.--
Concerned citizens packed a Reno Planning Commission meeting Tuesday evening, trying to prevent an industrial property from being subdivided into four parcels. The citizens didn't care that much about the separate parcels, but what could be built there in the future.

This isn't the first time commissioners have heard from the same parties. Earlier this year the planning commission said it was ok for C4 Equity to build a concrete recycling facility on their land near the University Ridge subdivision. The city council quickly overturned the plan, but Tuesday, C4 Equity was trying to get the parcel divided. Neighbors say, so they wouldn't have to obey the same laws.

Residents of the University Ridge Neighborhood are still upset at the commissioners last decision.

"I asked you guys if you were nuts, because what you were looking at doing," said Lee McCord, a resident of University Ridge.

The city council agreed with citizens and told C4 Equity they wouldn't allow zoning for a landscape recycling facility.

But both parties were back at the table Tuesday, this time discussing breaking up the lot.

"Its a parcel map, there is no use, there is no change in zoning with this," saod Angela Foose, who represented C4 Equity.

While C4 said it was just a change in property lines, residents thought it was way to skirt regulations.

"These are not just lines on a map, this is the way to get to where they want to go," said one resident.

It comes down to semantics, industrial zoned properties have different regulations based on their size and distance from residential properties. By its design, the new map made some of parcels exempt from regulations.

"Parcel two and parcel four meet these qualification," said Reno's Chief Planning Officer.

Parcel two would be less than an acre and parcel four, more than three hundred feet away.

"They are trying to use this as a strategy, as a way to start doing the same operation that they planned to do and gradually to ramp it up," said Tom Bell, President of the University Ridge Home Owners Association.

But the planning commission saw through the ploy and voted unanimously against the parcel map.

C4 Equity has 10 days to appeal to the city council, but the council has turned them down once before.