Pink Glove Dance

RENO, NV - Surgical tech Josh Lippert says he's got more than just one talent, and you can see his acting and dancing skills come to light all for breast cancer awareness.

Josh is just one of the 60-employees who helped make a local video for the Pink Glove Dance: The Competition.

Quail Surgical is the only medical facility in Nevada participating.

“A lot of people here have been touched by breast cancer, and its nice for everyone here to show support, and perhaps open the community's eyes,” says Josh.

Hospitals, surgical centers, and clinics around the country are all vying for top prizes.

Sponsored by Medline--who among other things makes pink gloves every October also awards money to the winner's charity of choice, based upon the number of votes given on line.

But even if Quail doesn't win and give the money to the local cancer society, employees here say the project brought them closer together.

“You know it was fun, to do something fun and exciting in a team building exercise out of the normal day to day work for us,” says Anita Willnich, Quail Surgical Office Supervisor.

This year Quail's video has more than just employees in it.

UNR's Kappa Alpha Theta sorority also joined in.

“ I just want people to look at it and the organization and vote for us so we can give back to the local community here in Reno,” says Reanna Retterath.

Quail's pink glove video has been on line since October 12, but you have until November 2nd to vote for them.