Pills Found in Halloween Candy

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RENO, NV - Tonja Hamilton says she was angry and terrified when she discovered what looked like prescription pain medication in with her son's Halloween candy. She says they were in a waded up pharmacy bag, about 10 pills with a lollipop. Police arrived quickly after she reported the shocking discovery. "He said he looked them up and said that they were just vitamins," explains Hamilton, "... it's not common, he told me it's not common." Residents in the North Reno neighborhood around Sunset Breeze Drive tell KOLO 8 News Now the area has always been safe, and they are stunned to hear something like this has happened.

Every year the Washoe County Sheriff's Office teams up with Court House Security to scan candy for contaminants like metal and glass, but the machines can't find everything and something like this would have been missed. That's why Spokesman Bob Harmon says you should always examine that candy by hand and toss anything that looks, smells or feels strange. Meanwhile, he says intentionally pranking Halloween candy can be a felony. "Any kind of tampering with with food water or medicine that's going to another person is a very serious charge in Nevada," he says.

Hamilton says even though she'd like the person who did this to be caught, she's more concerned with making sure her neighbors are safe. The pills were confiscated by police, but it's unknown at this time what they were. Parents are encouraged to closely check their childrens' candy and report anything at appears malicious to their local law enforcement agency.