Pigeons: Friend or Foe?

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RENO, Nev. -- It's on cars, off buildings and all over the ground. Pigeon poop has made its rounds all over town and it is ruining people's property.

Pigeons have become major pests in Northern Nevada largely because of the unwanted presents they leave behind.

"It's just a mess, it's embarrassing...the germs..it gets tracked in. Our dogs get it, I mean it just, it's a mess!" Laure Gruen, a pigeon pest victim said.

The bird droppings deface property and kills vegetation, which is what happened to Gruen's house.

"We've cleaned our patio I don't know how many times and within days...it is just full of pigeon poop again," she said.

They're also harmful to people's health.

"The waste does affect some people's asthma...that and the bird mites cause they do carry bird mites and bugs and other insects and flies are drawn to the waste," Kevin Rast, Northern Nevada Pest Control Technician said.

"It gets on your shoes, you track it in, it's in your home, it's in your carpet, I meant it is germy." Gruen said. "It is full of virus and bacteria and everything. It's not healthy," Gruen added.

Pigeons do no migrate so they constantly breed in areas with shelter, good water and food supply. They typically enjoy warmer climates, but Rast says that people are noticing them more this time of year because they are staying home and spotting them more often.

Some home remedies like adding tinsel, toy snakes or owls to your roof to scare them away do not always work. The best way is to colsoe off their nesting area entirely.

"They'll be back. They're very persistent. It is their house and if somebody locked you out of your house, I'm sure you'd find a way to get back in," Rast said.

Because pigeons are an unprotected species, poisoning them is another option, but that can lead to secondary poisoning if other animals or human come into contact.

Call a local pest control consultant to see what further steps need to be taken.