Physicians' Spouses Rummage Sale Saturday

Rummage Sale

RENO, NV - An antique baby doll could date back as far as the 1930s.

She comes with all her accessories and is in pretty good shape for 80 years old.

She and one of kind items just like she will be on sale Saturday at the Physicians' Spouses Rummage Sale.

“Everyone is a volunteer; we have no paid staff; every hour that is spent on this rummage sale is spent by volunteer hours,” says Kim Bacchus, with the Physician's Spouses Rummage Sale.

In its more than six-decade-old existence, the women and men here have worked to make this one of Reno's must-see events.

The Exhibition Hall at the Livestock Events Center is sectioned off into areas such as sporting goods, electronics, glass wear, holiday, and furniture.

The doll along with other unique items is in the section called Treasures.

“We have jewelry, we have gold jewelry. We have china. We have antiques there,” says Bacchus.

All money raised goes to local charities, including nursing scholarships.

With the public's help, they hope to raise $60,000 dollars.

In 62 years, there have been two successful acquired strategies for those who attend the rummage sale.

They get here early, wait in line and get first look, or they wait until the end of the day when discounted prices go even lower.

Doors open at 8:00 am the sale continues to 4:00pm.

The entry fee is $3.00