Pet Oxygen Masks Donated to TMFPD

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RENO, NV - Unlike people, pets left home alone have no way to escape if a fire starts. After seeing a video of a firefighter saving a kitten suffering from smoke inhalation, employees at Reno Hospital for Cats felt motivated to do something to help save pets in our area. They organized a fundraiser to purchase 41 pet oxygen mask kits for Truckee Meadows Fire Protection District. Each kit is comprised of a small, medium and large mask with air tubing that can be connected to an oxygen bottle.

Chief Charles Moore says it's not uncommon for firefighters to find a pet hiding inside a burning home. Previously they would use oxygen masks designed for people to help resuscitate animals. He says having these specially designed masks will make a big difference, and enough of the kits were donated that every Truckee Meadows Fire Engine will now have one on board.