People Go Nuts for St. Patrick's Day in Virginia City

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VIRGINIA CITY, Nev. -- Every St. Patrick's Day weekend Virginia City goes nuts... with their Rocky Mountain Oyster Fry, now in its 22nd year.

This year, booths 'hocking' the tasty treats lined Virginia City's main drag, C Street. At the "Cajones Caliente" stand, the delicacies came extra hot, explained Chad Reese.

"We are making jalapeno nut poppers. Our nuts are the best... they're the best nuts in the West. Everybody loves them, and we are confident," Reese boasted.

During the festival, beef and sheep testicles were transformed into a variety of foods including tacos, chowders, and wontons, a crowd favorite from two years ago.

"We went away from it [the wontons] last year and everyone kept asking about it so we came back to it this year," said Rob Cislini from the "Nut Up or Shut Up" booth.

Each year, the competition is always fierce. Thousands of people try the fare and pick their favorites.

"Everybody's bringing their 'A' game, and we're all having a good time. Our 'Carne Bon Ball' is coated with corn meal [and] a little jalapeno," said Dawn Tavares of Cherry Bomb Catering.

It is an annual tradition for most of the competitors. And as Tavares put it, "We love Virginia City. We love the atmosphere, and we love playing with our balls."