Man Hit & Killed By Amtrak Train

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RENO, NV - One man is dead after being hit by an Amtrak train while trying to save his dog.

Around 4PM Monday, the Washoe County Sheriff's Office says two men were walking their dogs along the tracks behind Boomtown when one of the dogs got loose.

Deputies say the train conductor did try to apply the emergency brake, but the man was hit and killed. His name hasn't been released. The dog was taken to a vet.

260 people on the train were held for several hours while the accident was investigated. Passengers calling the KOLO 8 newsroom told us they were cold and frustrated during the long wait, saying they were only told the train was having "technical difficulties."

Passenger Mark Ballew says the toilets didn't work and there was no food. He says it was cold waiting for answers on the train and his phone calls to Amtrak were not being answered. He says he was also advised not to leave the train because he was told that would be violating a crime scene. He told us all he wanted to do was get back to his family, waiting for him at the train station in Reno.