Police Busy With Thursday Night Accidents

Ramona Bland, courtesy Washoe County Jail
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RENO, NV - A Reno man is lucky to be alive, but suffering from a broken arm after being hit by a car around 8PM Thursday. Police say he was jaywalking near the intersection of 4th and Ralston when it happened. He was taken to Renown for treatment of his injuries, but later cited for crossing the street illegally. According to police, the driver was following traffic laws at the time of the accident, but was driving without a license. He was also cited.

Around the same time, Reno police responded to an accident near the intersection of Mill and Greg streets. They say Ramona Lynn Bland was intoxicated when she lost control of her van, slamming into a light pole. She dragged the pole under her vehicle before coming to a stop, blocking at least one lane of travel. Bland was unharmed in the accident, but was arrested and taken into custody on charges of driving under the influence.