Peak Time for FedEx Deliveries

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Sparks, NV - From the minute he starts work at 7:00 am, Adam Bunney is racing against the clock. He has to deliver everything in his FedEx truck before businesses close. And that's tougher than ever this time of year.

"This is the peak time. This is when it really picks up," says Bunney.

The workload isn't just more...

"It's almost double," says Bunney.

But the deadlines are the same. That's why this driver is constantly on the move.

"It does get a little more stressful because you've still got to get all the boxes delivered and it's a lot more of a workout because it's a lot more bulk, usually," says Bunney.

And it is quite a workout. His stops are short and he's in and out of the truck constantly. He says he makes about 100 deliveries a day.

"Yeah, when I first started, I initially lost 25 pounds," he says.

Not to mention, there's no time to sit and eat. And while the weeks leading up to Christmas are his busiest, it's also his most enjoyable time at work.

"People are a lot happier," he says. "I guess they're a little more excited for the stuff they're getting because a lot of it's Christmas gifts and stuff like that."