Pay-to-Park Now Easier to Use

RENO, Nev. - CURB Systems representatives say they have completed upgrades to the meters downtown, and the changes should make paying to park less of a headache.

The City of Reno gave CURB Systems a deadline of September 26th to finish the upgrades, and representatives from the company say they finished a day ahead of schedule.

The company addressed the major complaints like slow processing time and kiosks that didn't work by running two miles of electrical wiring to the kiosks to replace the battery and electrical power combination that was previously being used.

CURB also made the instructions easier to understand.

"Every screen now tells you the parking hours, the parking rate, and what the rules are for that space as you go through it," Kane Dutt, president of CURB Systems said.

They've also made it easier to check how much time is left in your parking spot.

"Instead of pushing 1 for time remaining, which could take a while to update, now it's always live at the bottom of the screen in red letters," Dutt said.

Paying is also easier.

"People were having difficulty when we asked them for how much time. So now instead of asking people how much time they want we ask them how many dollars do you want to buy," Dutt said

Each hour is a dollar. There's a two dollar minimum if you use a credit card, but you also have the option of paying with coins.

To you the machine, simply type the four digit space number, swipe your card or insert your quarters, choose how much you want to pay, then confirm the transaction.

You can also pay for any parking space with a cell phone and the internet, making it easy to pay even if a kiosk is broken.

Dutt said these changes address all the complaints they've received from the city and from individuals.