Paul Ryan Rallies Supporters in Reno

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RENO, NV -- Vice presidential hopeful Congressman Paul Ryan returned to Nevada to make another pitch to voters in the days leading up to the election. Ryan took the stage at the Reno-Sparks Convention Center on Thursday. He joined a crowd of several hundred in chanting "five more days."

Ryan rallied Republicans, urging them to convince people who voted for the president four years ago, to now support the GOP ticket. He called Nevada a "crucial" state in the election.

"A handful of states will decide this thing, Nevadans you understand the place you have, the opportunity and responsibility," the seven-term Wisconsin congressman said.

Polls currently show President Barack Obama with a lead in Nevada.

Ryan called the president a "bureaucrat." Campaigning in different toss-up states, Ryan and Governor Mitt Romney attacked President Obama's proposal to consolidate nine departments into a cabinet position.

"He wants a new cabinet position called the secretary of business, you know what we already have a secretary of business it's called the secretary of commerce," Ryan said.

Ryan said it is time to balance the budget and get the nation's debt under control.

The congressman stumped in Sparks only two months ago. Like during his previous visit to the region, his remarks focused on the economy.

"The economy is limping along it's growing at less than half the rate President Obama said it would if he could just pass this stimulus plan," he said.

Nevada's unemployment rate continues to lead the nation.

Ryan also encouraged people in the crowd to vote early. Early ballots can be cast through Friday.

Following his Reno campaign appearance, Ryan was expected to make a stop in the Las Vegas area.