Patients Remember Doctor Killed as Compassionate

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RENO -- The doctor killed in a shooting on the Renown Regional Medical Center campus is being remembered as a compassionate, dedicated healer.

Police said 46-year-old Charles Garo Gholdoian was killed in Tuesday's incident.

"It was tragic enough to hear there was a shooting at our town hospital and to realize it was somebody that I knew just makes it that much more tragic," Sara Engebretson said.

She said when others failed to diagnose what was wrong, Garo Gholdoian refused to give up, and found the answer.

"He cared about his patients so much, he never gave up; he never stopped until he found out what your issue was."

Engebretson says she remembers Garo Gholdoian took time to answer all her questions, and make sure she was informed.

"I've known him for seven years and he's done everything possible to help me with what he helped me with. He never forgot his patients; he remembered everybody. He was just one of the most caring guys I ever met," Engebretson said.

On Facebook, there is grief and remembrance. Someone writes: "Dr. G. you were so amazing to work with I'll never forget all the giggles and crazy times we've had."

People write of his sense of humor and kindness.

"I think it's just important to know how kind of a guy he was he was, the last person to ever deserve this," Engebretson said.