Parking Fines Could Be Going Up in Midtown

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RENO -- It may soon cost more if you park at a "two hour parking" sign for too long. The Reno City Council is considering upping the fine from $15 to $25. The so-called "limited time spaces" are located throughout the city, but are very common in the midtown district and near Wells Avenue.

Jonathan Bascom, the owner of Dreamer's Coffeehouse and Deli in midtown, said most customers seem to follow the rules. "The people that are coming here are coming to grab and go, are coming here to have a quick breakfast so they aren't here for any length of time," he said.

The City of Reno said the increased fines would be used to pay for more enforcement officers, and prevent vehicles from blocking businesses all day. The measure would hike fines not only for two-hour spaces, but any space in which a sign limits the length of time a vehicle may be parked there.

The increased fine would not apply to parking meters, which are common downtown. The fine for parking at an expired meter is $20, raised from $10 by the City of Reno more than five years ago.

The City of Reno said it's not uncommon for the fine to be higher at limited time parking signs because, unlike metered spaces, the spaces do not generate revenue to cover enforcement. Sacramento and Boulder, Colorado are among cities where fines for limited time spaces are five dollars more than for being parked at an expired meter.

The proposal needs to be heard by the Reno City Council several times before councilmembers may vote as it would update an ordinance.