Park Closing Due to Safety Concerns

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SPANISH SPRINGS, NV -- Washoe County leaders are moving forward with closing Sky Ranch Park in Spanish Springs. The ten acre property will likely be sold, although part of the property could be reconveyed to the developer.

"For it to close makes me wonder what we're going to do for baseball in the spring," Trina Vuan of Spanish Springs said. Vuan said her kids play at the park, but admits it isn't the most popular park.

"A lot of people don't go, it's kind of old and not really taken care of," she said.

Several other parks are nearby with similar features, according to Al Rogers of Washoe County's Community Services Department. Sky Ranch Park, located near Pyramid Way and La Posada, features slides, swings, and a baseball field.

Rogers said the primary reason the county is moving forward with selling the park is safety concerns.

"As traffic increases out there it could potentially become a liability with the uses in and around that park," he said.

Established in 1982, the area around Sky Ranch Park was then very different. After the boom, the hillsides now are dotted with houses and there's shopping nearby too.
But at one of those shopping centers, Ellie Stockstill, said traffic isn't a good reason to close the park.

"Then you should close all the parks because all children will eventually run out in the street and then they get hurt so that's silly," Stockstill said.

Rogers said what, if anything, is built at the site of the park is up to whoever becomes the new owner of the property. He said the park will likely close some time this spring.