Parents on the Hunt for Affordable Winter Clothes

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RENO, NV - Fall is just now here, but it's already starting to feel like winter. Parents are hunting down the best bargains to keep their little ones warm at Once Upon A Child.

The slightest chill in the air sends parents straight into the retail stores.

"Some of them are in between sizes, like my oldest is eight. He's like long and tall so you got to have pants big enough so you don't look like you're dressed for a flood," Brian Hamblat, father of three, said.

From beanies to snow boots to coats, winter clothes don't come cheap. Consignment stores like Once Upon a Child are making staying warm affordable.

"Considering that kids grow so fast, it's really nice that you can just trade in old stuff and get stuff that looks like brand new and it's a lot less expensive," Shelley Demske, a mother of two, said.

This year, the store is donating your gently used clothes to the Committee to Aid Abused Women, a local nonprofit that helps families dealing with abuse.

"A lot of times people have to leave their homes and find shelter at a moment's notice with just the clothes on their backs," Jennifer Cole, store owner. said.

When the weather gets cold, the charity will be able to supply warm clothes for their children at the last minute.

"Even something so crucial has to be put on the back burner when you're in a time of crisis," she added.

It also never hurts to be prepared; shopping early can save you from headaches and unwanted illnesses in the future.

"You always got to be prepared. don't start last minute because last minute is what you want in the store and they might be out of it and then frustration kicks in," Hamblat said.

You can still donate your kids' gently-used coats to Once Upon A Child at 6015 South Virginia Street.