Parents Meet With Football League About Embezzlement

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UPDATE - Parents in Fernley are getting some answers about the future of the Fernley Youth Football League. That's after a former board member allegedly misappropriated $24,000 of the league's money. The board met Wednesday night at the Fernley Senior Center, and about 40 parents attended.

Parent Laura Osterman said, "I think just to hear answers from the league and to feel when it's all said and done that we have a board we can trust and we can move forward... we all have had questions and haven't put it to rest but to move forward I think, have a great season and I think this has really overshadowed our season."

The board hasn't filed criminal charges but is keeping that option open. Right now the concern is getting the money back.

The person in question is paying back the league in installments, and the board is taking steps to make sure something like this won't happen again.

Osterman says, "I feel confident the league will go forward and we'll continue to have hopefully the parents' support so they can do that job."

League officials say they just received the itemized lists and will go over them to make sure all the unauthorized charges are accounted for and repaid. In the meantime, the season will go on.

"I think as the commissioner said we all do make mistakes; they're going to be made and people need to be held accountable for those mistakes. I think it's our job as parents to sit back and let the board do the work they need to do and hopefully support them and be able to recoup the funds and be able to trust them so we can have a successful season."

Many parents showed an interest in raising additional funds to show their support for the league.


FERNLEY, NV - In May, board members noticed a discrepancy in the ledger for the Fernley Youth Football League. A former member of the league had misappropriated approximately $24,000 of their funds.

Documents from the Lyon County Sheriff's Office indicated the embezzlement went on for years, and when the culprit was caught, he fessed up.

The league and law enforcement won't say who's at fault, but concerned parents tell KOLO 8 News Now it's a longtime coach and board member for the league.

Lyon Sheriff's Lt. Johnny Smith says, "At this point, from what I have been told, the amount he has paid back is $5,500."

On the phone, the league's Vice Commisioner Michelle Trousdale said they chose to have the coach pay back the money because that's what's best for the league. But they still have not decided if they are going to press charges, though they reserve the right.

Smith says, "Unfortunately, we can't make people pursue charges against people if they feel they are going the route that they want to go to get the money back for the youth football league."

Parents tell KOLO 8 they're worried what kind of example will be set for their kids if no charges are pressed. Trousdale says she agrees with that, and the board is considering it in its decision.