Pair of Bombs Kill 8 In Iraq

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BAGHDAD (AP) - Officials in Iraqi say twin blasts by a suicide bomber and a car bomb Sunday targeted a funeral for a senior army officer in the restive Anbar province, killing 8 and injuring 13.

The officials say the attack near the provincial capital of Ramadi hit the funeral of Brig. Gen. Abdul-Majid al-Fahdawi, who was killed Friday by a mortar shell in Qaim on the Syrian border. It's the day Sunni insurgents captured the town.

They say a suicide bomber first detonated his explosives at the hall where the funeral was held. Two minutes later, the car bomb went off as the mourners were fleeing, they added.

Sunni militants also captured two border crossings on Sunday, one with Jordan and another with Syria, after government forces had pulled out. The insurgents have seized four towns in Anbar province since Friday.

The blitz by the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant in Iraq's vast western desert takes the al-Qaida-breakaway group closer to its dream of carving out a purist Islamic state straddling both Syria and Iraq.