Paging DMV Customers

RENO, NV - Just another day at the DMV---long lines, long waits, numbers called, and for Nicole Hubble, a number held in her hand.

“Its number 446. Been here about 20 minutes just to change my address. 375. I've got a good half hour to an hour wait still,” says Hubble

The DMV fully admits since January the wait times have nearly doubled.

They point to the new driver's privilege cards, a new 8-year driver's license, and new C-D-L medical requirements.

The wait before January 2nd--about 45-minutes; now the average wait is 90.

The DMV decided to pull the trigger on a program they've been working on for more than a year.

The test site will be Reno's DMV and it will allow people to use their phone or other electronic device to call into the system, and get a number.

The system will call the customer back when he or she is about 20 to 30 minutes out from seeing a DMV representative.

“You'll still have an 80 minute wait but it might be at Starbucks or sitting at your house and you'll get a notice saying hey, your number is going to be up, in 30 minutes you might want to head to the office,” says the DMV's David Fierro.

Fierro says if you don't have the capability to use the electronic system, you can come in here and conduct business as usual.

If you get behind, and can't make the appointment, the system will allow you to make contact and put yourself farther back in the line.

”That, the whole thing sounds great, I'd vote for it in a second,” says customer Joe Kirsch.

The program will start up at the Reno DMV office on March first.

The DMV will assess the program over 90 days and if there's a positive response, they will roll it out to all other DMVs across the state.

It will cost Nevada $520,000 for a four year contract.