PUC Goes Scent-Free

CARSON CITY, NV - Most of us have something to make us smell good on our bureau in the bedroom or counter in the bathroom.

Perfumes, hair spray, deodorant, lotions--all have scents we like.

But for some people, these smells are overwhelming and they can't be near them.

One such person's request was asked and granted at the Public Utilities Commission.

“Well, we received a request from a member of the public to ask the commission to ask visitorS if they could refrain from using fragrances and other scented products,” says Peter Kostes with Nevada's PUC.

Signs will greet you at the entrance to the building, requesting as a courtesy to others to not wear scented products.

That could be hair spray, perfume, aftershave.

The same request is on the front page of the website.

Kostes says meetings occur in this room just about every day, so the courtesy request is in place Monday through Friday during regular business hours.

In case you missed the memo and have perfume or hair spray on and attend a meeting at the PUC where there is also someone with a chemical sensitivity, the PUC says it will try to make accommodations.

If the additional meeting room is available, the chemically-sensitive person can move into there and watch proceedings as normal.