Owner of Historic Home Unhappy About Utility Project

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RENO, NV -- A Reno homeowner isn't pleased at the possibility a new wooden pole and lines securing it to the ground may be put in front of his home. Bob Calhoun of historic southwest Reno showed correspondences with NV Energy. An e-mail from the utility company states a pole might have to be located in front of his St. Lawrence Avenue property.

"Something like this effects property values," Calhoun said. He also said the lines, which will secure the pole to the ground, will make it difficult to park in front of his property and then get out of a vehicle.

"It's actually on the historical walk," Calhoun said of his home.

"This is going look like an industrial area right here," he added. He pointed out wooden markers in front of his home that seem to indicate a pole would be secured to the ground.

The e-mail NV Energy sent to Calhoun states options for the area are limited, and public safety is the company's priority.

Faye Andersen, a spokesperson for the utility, said the electrical systems in the area need to be upgraded to modern standards. She said improvements are happening throughout the neighborhood, which is generally south of California Avenue.

Calhoun said he thinks NV Energy is trying to "com(e) in with the lowest budget."

Andersen said the cheapest option is not necessarily what will be built. She said what will be constructed at the location has not been determined yet.

She is promising an NV Energy energy official will meet with Calhoun. She also said the utility will work with him on the aesthetics aspect of the project.

She said currently older systems in the area do not immediately notify NV Energy where outages have occurred. She said the upgrades could mean people are not in the dark as long when electricity is lost.

Calhoun said a tether similar to the one proposed for the front of his house could go behind it as well. He said he was not as concerned about that project's impact on his property, but questions if the upgrades are actually needed.

Andersen said the upgrades will also improve the reliability of its system. The utility company plans to begin construction at the end of the month.

NV Energy is offering to show a design to Calhoun.