Overflow Shelter Open for Homeless

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RENO, NV -- An overflow shelter for the homeless to sleep in is open amid frigid temperatures in the Truckee Meadows. The shelter is a heated warehouse-type building near Mill Street and Edison Way can accommodate one hundred men, according to Volunteers of America.

"It's a safe place it's warm it's better than being outdoors in this cold," a man who describes himself as "chronically homeless" said.

Volunteers of America said a day room could also be opened at the shelter on Record Street for sleeping if needed.

"It is cold enough to kill that's why we have to make sure nobody in our community passes away from that kind of cold on these winter nights," a Volunteers of America representative said. She also said the shelter is paid for, in part, by a twenty-two thousand dollar grant from United Way.

Last year, instead of renting a warehouse, the homeless were given vouchers to stay in downtown motels. However, Volunteers of America said the shelter keeps everyone in the same place, making it easier to manage than putting people in motels.

An inversion forecast for the Reno area is expected to keep cold air in the valley. Temperatures are forecast to be below average through the weekend.