Original Bibo Location Closing Its Doors

RENO, Nev. Its been a local hangout for 10 years. But now Bibo is saying goodbye to its original location after the owners and landlord could not agree on new lease terms.

It's 5:30 in the morning, and a few regulars are tapping on the glass door of Bibo Coffee Shop on Mt. Rose Street.

The owner Paul Martin waves the four men into the store. It's a half hour before their posted hours, but Martin doesn't care.

"We have very loyal customers," Martin says.

The four men see that Martin is busy, so one simply tosses his credit card and Bibo's frequent buyer card onto the counter, indicating he wanted the usual.

"We come here because it's close," the man said.

But soon the regulars with have to go to a different location. Martin's lease is up at the end of June, and he couldn't come to an agreement with his landlord.

In a statement to KOLO 8 News Now, Martin's landlord Marvin Grulli said, "This ten year relationship has been difficult for both of us. We have very different ideas of how a business should be operated, and how the Center should be managed."

Both men said they wanted the lease to be renewed, but the terms were where they disagreed.

Martin said he and his wife Debbie opened the coffee shop at the Mt. Rose St. location because they felt the area needed a local place for people to gather.

They started small, but thanks to their hard work, they have expanded opening 3 other locations and employees about 20 people.

One location, a kiosk in the Bank of America building in Downtown Reno closed. Martin admitted they didn't have the foot traffic there to keep it going. But their other two locations, one on Record Street by the University and the other in the South Creek shopping center on Foothill Rd.

Martin said they have their eyes on a couple of locations in the Old Southwest where they can reopen and he hopes the change won't affect his business.

"There's a loss because anytime you move into a new location you put a lot of resources into it," he said. "But I believe our customers will follow us there."

Martin hopes to waste no time, and have the new location up and running as soon as he has left Mt. Rose St. on July 1st.