Only Days Left for Failed Reno Parking System

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RENO, Nev.--There are just two days left until Reno does away with a parking meter system that's known more for its troubled past than its revenue creation. Drivers have struggled with the faulty meters for about two years and now the City of Reno is saying they need to be fixed or they need to go.

A while ago, parts of downtown Reno strayed away from traditional parking meters in favor of high-tech ones that take coins and credit cards, and you can even pay by phone, but they don't always work.

"There have been issues with their functionality and the ability to use multiple pay options since that time," said Neoma Jardon, Reno City Councilwoman.

There have been various issues. Sometimes the credit card reader won't work, other times coins don't do the trick, and some machines just don't work at all, no matter what the payment.

"Often times people become frustrated with them not working and they will leave, and that is impacting businesses downtown," said Jardon.

"We have to pay parking fees and I understand that, the only thing that gets difficult is when you don't get a receipt to prove that you actually paid," said Jim Elsmore, one of the frustrated customers. He's worried one day he'll get hit with a ticket while searching the streets for a meter that actually works.

"Our main objective is to make sure that residents and visitors feel welcome and can have a convenient experience downtown," said Jardon.

They could be gone soon, as in March the city told Curb Systems to fix its meters or the city would void the contract. That deadline is Friday at midnight, and Curb Systems has no fix in sight.

The city council voted Wednesday afternoon that if there is no fix in the next two days, the meters will be covered up and replaced.