One Year Later: Family of Hit and Run Victim Still Seeks Justice

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WASHOE VALLEY, NV - One year after a hit and run near Stateline, the family of a former Washoe Valley man is still seeking justice.

A big man with an even bigger heart: that's how family and friends remember Cody Dobson. His mom Daralyn says after her son's death a lot of people came forward to tell her what a generous nature Cody had.

"When people told me about what he'd done to help them through hard times, I had to smile because Cody wouldn't have thought of that as anything," she says.

Always willing to lend a helping hand, Cody felt it was his duty to help those in need, whether it was offering kind words or just giving someone a big hug. Cody loved snowboarding, but the one thing he loved even more was spending time with his son Seth. Wendy Paterson, the mother of one of Cody's friends, says Dobson was very close with his son.

"I just think fathers need to have that kind of relationship with their kids. That's not out there anymore," she says.

One of their favorite things to do together was ride bikes, and Cody always made sure Seth was wearing his helmet.

"He would have contact with that boy constantly while he was talking with you, and if he saw him do anything he was on top of it," says Paterson.

Unfortunately, Seth will have to grow up without his father. On August 10, 2013, about 8 months after moving to South Lake Tahoe, Cody was walking east along the sidewalk on Highway 50 near Lake Parkway just a few blocks from where he lived. Witnesses saw him lying in the road. It's unclear how he got there, but it appears he may have stumbled from the sidewalk. Before anyone could get to him, Dobson was run over by a dark colored pickup truck which fled the scene. He was later rushed to the hospital with fractured ribs and a fractured skull, where he died almost two weeks later. Alcohol did appear to be a factor the night of the accident. Cody's mom says he had received some troubling news that day and decided to go out drinking.

"I found out that he did have something that happened to him in his personal life that was very upsetting to him," she says.

Cody had a positive influence on just about anyone he came into contact with. His friend Jason Henkle says that many admired Cody for his humble nature, respect for others and his determination to achieve his goals. Cody had plans to finish school and earn his degree in web design.

"He always took pride in everything he did and you don't see that a lot nowadays," says Henkle.

Cody will never get to see his son grow up; the boy he loved more than life itself.

"That little boy doesn't deserve not to have his father. He just doesn't," says Paterson.

Cody's family says Seth took the loss of his father hard, but they continue to honor his memory by laying flowers at the scene of the accident and reminding Seth of the kind of man his dad was.

"He thought his dad walked on water and it was devastating for him. So it's very important that he doesn't forget who his dad was," says Dobson.

NHP is still asking for your help in tracking down the driver that hit Cody. The truck is described as a dark colored Dodge pickup, possibly green or blue with an extended cab, matching camper shell and grey molding. Anyone with information or who may have seen something that night is asked to call NHP or secret witness.