Warning: One-Ring Cell Phone Scam

RENO, NV - You can't go anywhere these days without watching people taking calls or making calls.

With cell phones such an integral part of our lives, its only a matter of time for scammers to use the technology to get money out of your pocket.

And that's what's going on now with just one phone ring.

“So they call back, and once they begin that conversation, that call, the bill continues to kick up. Get you on, keep you on, so they can keep you on for a period of time. You are still kind of curious as to what this is about. The charges are going on,” says Tim Johnston with the Better Business Bureau of Northern Nevada.

Johnston says you could end up paying $60 or more for the call. And you won't know it until you get a bill 90 days from now.

Some consumers say they've received the calls late at night, which might indicate an emergency; they were more likely to return such calls even if they don't recognize the number at first.

“If it is somebody who knows you and is trying to get a hold of you, they will probably call you back,” says Sergeant Dennis Carry with Washoe County Sheriff Office Cybercrime Unit.

Sergeant Carry has more advice for those of you who have to return a phone call even if you don't recognize the number.

He suggests Googling the number.

Chances are if someone has been scammed they are more than willing to post it and talk about it.

If you don't call back the one-ring call, chances are the system will try to call you again.

You can always block the call from your phone.

Check your monthly phone statement and tell you cell phone provider if you notice unauthorized charges of $20 or more.